Witch Charm by Sonia Parin – Humorous Paranormal Mystery

Witch Charm is the fourth book in A Mackenzie Coven Mystery series following Lexie, a reluctant witch, and her career obsessed feline companion, Luna as they both tackle the supernatural mysteries they are dragged into.

A reluctant witch in training

From the author

I have something in common with the heroine, Lexie. Like her, I’m more of a dog person. When I introduced Luna as Lexie’s feline companion at the end of book 1, Witch Inheritance, I had no idea what I’d do with her. By the end of the second book, Witch Indeed, Lexie and Luna had formed a bond of sorts I could play with. Giving each one a distinctive personality trait has given me scope to delve into how two opposites come together to achieve a common goal.


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