Moonlight, Roses & Murder by Lorri Moulton – A Paranormal Mystery

Lorri Moulton has an intriguing new series starting with “Moonlight, Roses & Murder.”  This first story in her Paranormal Series has a murder mystery, suspense, romance, paranormal characters and a few twists you might not expect.

Selina is a woman with a secret

Author’s Note:  I wanted to write a romantic suspense book that showed the paranormal as an everyday reality.  What happens if you are changed into a being you never knew existed?  Suddenly, vampires are real and they have an agenda.  How do you keep your humanity?  Do you help people or use them for your own desires?  Could you ever find happiness in this new reality, let alone trust anyone enough to fall in love?

This is a more old-fashioned take on the paranormal and mystery genres.  I tried to show how the personalities of the people involved, as well as the historical period in which they were born, would influence their choices in the modern world.  Throw a murder mystery into the middle of all this and discover how the characters react.  Whether they want to save innocents or protect their own secrets.  Or maybe both…

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