The Magic of Burrows Bay by Abigail McKee & Lorri Moulton – Magical Romance

Abigail McKee & Lorri Moulton have created a wonderful romance with “The Magic of Burrows Bay.” This is the first part of the story in the Burrows Bay Romance Series, which has suspense, intrigue, mystery, magic and definitely romance.

Cousins must fulfill their destiny

Authors’ Note:  We have been friends for a very long time, so we used that friendship as the basis for Gabbi and Moira’s relationship.  While there is magic, mystery, suspense, secrets and romance…this story is really about family.  What does it mean to be a family?  Can you learn to trust yourself and each other to uncover the mysteries of the past?

There are dangers and secrets that surround the cousins, as they search for their true heritage.  We wanted it to be a fun discovery for them, but also a realistic one.  The magic seems to surround the house and grounds in a way that slowly filters into their lives.  We felt it was important to make this a believable story, so the magic seems possible and the suspense builds as each mystery is uncovered, one at a time.  We hope you enjoy it!

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