New releases from your favorite supernatural mystery authors

Witch School Dropout by M.Z. Andrews – Fun cozy witch mystery

Author M.Z. Andrews just released the 7th book in her cozy witch mystery books series. The fiction book, titled Witch School Dropout in her popular Witch Squad Cozy Mystery Series, follows five college-aged witches who are learning to practice magic and forming friendships along the way. The books are light-hearted fun for all ages.

Join the Squad!


I began writing the Witch Squad series because paranormal mysteries have always interested me. I enjoy reading about psychic abilities, ghosts, familiars, and witches, and I thought it would be fun to write a supernatural book series. I also especially enjoy books centered around groups of friends. I thought combining those two things would be especially fun – what better story than a group of friends who also happen to be witches?


The Magic of Burrows Bay by Abigail McKee & Lorri Moulton – Magical Romance

Abigail McKee & Lorri Moulton have created a wonderful romance with “The Magic of Burrows Bay.” This is the first part of the story in the Burrows Bay Romance Series, which has suspense, intrigue, mystery, magic and definitely romance.

Cousins must fulfill their destiny

Authors’ Note:  We have been friends for a very long time, so we used that friendship as the basis for Gabbi and Moira’s relationship.  While there is magic, mystery, suspense, secrets and romance…this story is really about family.  What does it mean to be a family?  Can you learn to trust yourself and each other to uncover the mysteries of the past?

There are dangers and secrets that surround the cousins, as they search for their true heritage.  We wanted it to be a fun discovery for them, but also a realistic one.  The magic seems to surround the house and grounds in a way that slowly filters into their lives.  We felt it was important to make this a believable story, so the magic seems possible and the suspense builds as each mystery is uncovered, one at a time.  We hope you enjoy it!

Witch Charm by Sonia Parin – Humorous Paranormal Mystery

Witch Charm is the fourth book in A Mackenzie Coven Mystery series following Lexie, a reluctant witch, and her career obsessed feline companion, Luna as they both tackle the supernatural mysteries they are dragged into.

A reluctant witch in training

From the author

I have something in common with the heroine, Lexie. Like her, I’m more of a dog person. When I introduced Luna as Lexie’s feline companion at the end of book 1, Witch Inheritance, I had no idea what I’d do with her. By the end of the second book, Witch Indeed, Lexie and Luna had formed a bond of sorts I could play with. Giving each one a distinctive personality trait has given me scope to delve into how two opposites come together to achieve a common goal.


Moonlight, Roses & Murder by Lorri Moulton – A Paranormal Mystery

Lorri Moulton has an intriguing new series starting with “Moonlight, Roses & Murder.”  This first story in her Paranormal Series has a murder mystery, suspense, romance, paranormal characters and a few twists you might not expect.

Selina is a woman with a secret

Author’s Note:  I wanted to write a romantic suspense book that showed the paranormal as an everyday reality.  What happens if you are changed into a being you never knew existed?  Suddenly, vampires are real and they have an agenda.  How do you keep your humanity?  Do you help people or use them for your own desires?  Could you ever find happiness in this new reality, let alone trust anyone enough to fall in love?

This is a more old-fashioned take on the paranormal and mystery genres.  I tried to show how the personalities of the people involved, as well as the historical period in which they were born, would influence their choices in the modern world.  Throw a murder mystery into the middle of all this and discover how the characters react.  Whether they want to save innocents or protect their own secrets.  Or maybe both…

To Spell and Back by ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn- Spellbinding Supernatural Mystery

ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn have just released the third installment in their magically addictive Fate Weaver series.

The series is a heady witch’s brew mixing a dash of romance with a helping of mystery and a generous portion of supernatural suspense. It’s a recipe for pure magic!

A time traveling witch with a mission

From the author

To Spell & Back is the third book in a series that we’ve had great fun writing. It’s a story that allowed us to explore the ways a character’s family history can influence her entire life by sending our matchmaking witch back in time.

Once we determined Lexi must visit her past, we faced a few decisions about how much the time travel would affect her present story. The last thing we wanted to do was set up a Back to the Future situation where the time jumps created problems and hijacked the main action.